• Paige Zaporzan

Playing In Nature's Ground

There is something so magical about playing in mother nature’s backyard. Whether it be downhill skiing/snowboarding on glorious white snow covered mountains, water skiing/paddle-boarding on sun beamed water, hiking/mountain biking on dirt trails among the beauty of green spruce trees, surfing on the most powerful tidal waves, rock climbing uniquely crafted walls of a rocks cliff, or just purely enjoying peaceful walks in your neighbourhoods park, there is something so significantly powerful about playing among nature.

I believe nature is our best medicine, nurturing and challenging us in so many ways- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Growing up, I was grateful to have the opportunity to learn how to downhill ski, and to this day absolutely love getting the chance to tackle the mountains. I love the peacefulness and calmness of the mountains, yet embrace the mental, physical, and emotional challenges of skiing. Physically, it requires strength and endurance, mentally, it requires trust and confidence, emotionally, it requires perspective and self efficacy. Going through ski school, I remember the roller coaster of emotional highs and lows, physical exhaustion and soreness, and the recurring fearful negative thoughts that would surface. However, over time, skiing taught me how to prepare technically/physically to tackle mother natures mogules/ ski slopes, have emotions work for me vs against me in times of frustration/anger, develop a positive mindset that would keep me confident/excited to have fun and perform the sport I absolutely love, and most importantly be connected to the calmness, presence, and gift of the powdered mountain slopes.

Whether its performing a sport on natures ground, or enjoying a relaxing walk through your own backyard, I challenge you to stay connected to what nature is offering you in that present moment- physically, mentally, and emotionally. How is your connection to nature serving you in a positive light? (How is nature nurturing your mind, body, and soul in that present moment? ), How can you embrace those physical, mental, and emotional challenges so they can work for you in a healthy/positive way vs against you? How is this overall contributing to your daily or sporting performance?

“ Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

- Albert Einstein

“ Take a walk in the trees and smell the wild air. Nature’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe”.

With much Health, Happiness, and Performance,

Paige :)