• Paige Zaporzan

Cultivating a New Healthy Habit

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Habits, one of my fav things to chat about! Soo…lets dive right into it!

The question is, what are habits?! Habits are repeated thoughts, beliefs, rituals/behavioural practices that support your values, visions, goals, and true authentic self. You are your habits. They are daily active repeated themes and principles that you live by and practice in your life. Even on a subconscious level, your day to day behavioural and thinking patterns become programs on such a deep level and we live by these! These programs essentially become your reality…these day to day practices.

How the heck do I create a healthy habit and incorporate a new habit into my life?? Here are a few steps in how to best cultivate a healthy habit:

  1. Understand your values. Yes, your values! When you have a clear idea of what your top values are, it allows you to create healthy habits that are authentic to you and in alignment with what is most important to you in your life. We can easily get caught up in creating habits that are not in alignment with our true values, or are someone else’s habits and values that work for them, but may not work for us. Ask yourself, what is most important for me right now in my life? Then write a list of your top values!

  2. Create a performance vision. What does your vision LOOK and FEEL like? A) First off, feel the feels! Get an idea of how you want to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout your day. Do you want to feel more energy, rested, vibrant, calm, confident? Write down words that describe the feelings you want to feel, and know you can totally feel these awesome feels 😊 B) Secondly, paint a picture of what your day to day performance vision looks like. What does that picture look like? What does it look like when you are healthy and feeling vibrant? Write out your vision and reflect on it daily! Or, if you are like me and are a visual person, create a vision board of pictures and words that represent your daily performance vision and visualize this!. ** Remember to speak in present tense when you are writing out your vision. Your brain is powerful and it picks up on cue words you are telling yourself. You want your brain to register that this vision is happening at the present moment. Eg. “I am tackling day to day activities. I feel lots of vibrant energy etc”. vs “I want to be tackling day to day activities with vibrant energy”. When you speak in present tense, your subconscious registers that this is happening right now, and you begin to take behavioural actions in creating this vision to come to life.

  3. Check in! After setting your vision, make sure your vision supports your values….and your values support your vision. This allows your performance vision to be authentic to you, and therefore will allow you to cultivate healthy habits that are in alignment with you and your performance journey.

  4. Set your intention! What is your intention behind your new performance vision? Is your intention to feel vibrant so you have the energy to tackle your day to day tasks? Write this down. When you have a strong intention that supports your vision, you will be more capable of resiliency in times of setbacks/obstacles.

  5. Identify your new healthy habits (or current healthy habits that you want to maximize even more). Write these down! What are all the healthy habits you want to introduce into your daily routine that support your new daily performance vision and values?

  6. Narrow it down! (YES chop er down!) Select your top 3 habits that you feel will help best support your performance vision right now in your life. Now, select your TOP habit from the 3! This is the habit you want to solely focus on and master first. Remember: habits take time to build, and it is important to start small! Incorporating a million new practices at once can be overwhelming and can create cognitive overload = leads to increase error, increase guilt (if you don’t achieve/master all of them), and it will be lots harder for your practice to become a programmed habit. SO… when you start small, you allow the right amount of space to properly form and rehearse/master the current habit you are working on implementing.

  7. Check in….again! Check in with yourself and see how your progress is going with mastering your habit. Once you feel you have mastered your current habit you are working on, slowly add in another habit from your list! Before you know it, all of your habits will be on autopilot and new programs will be developed in the subconscious. How friggen cool is that?!

Carve out some time to create space for yourself to cultivate your new healthy habits. Make it fun….go to your fav coffee shop and get yourself a fun latte or whatever it may be that lights you up :) And remember, it takes time for habits to form! Be patient, trust the process, and have friggen fun with implementing these habits!


Health, Happiness, and Performance,

Paige :)