Working With Paige 

What makes my coaching program unique, is that it is designed with you or your team in mind; personalized and tailored  to fit YOUR needs, vision and performance goals. As a performance coach, I am here to help guide and support you in creating the ideal performance and life that you envision. Working together in creating the most effective integrative tools needed to support/maximize your human potential and optimal state, so you can thrive in the driver seat of the performance and life you want!  


  • Distance is not a limitation, sessions can be facilitated in person, via skype/zoom, or by phone. 

  • Customized programs are available and will be tailored based on your needs.


What is Performance Coaching?

Executing efficient yet effective mind-body skills in reaching your highest potential . Integrative strategies so you can thrive in your highest optimal performing state. 

Achieving a state of performance truly means having the optimal levels of energy, self efficacy, perspectiveto flow through performance and life moment by moment cultivating the vision you have imagined....and deserve the heck out of! 


Areas of Focus

  • Vision & Goals (map out your values and wants) 

  • Perspective (positive/healthy outlook and identity)

  • Self-Mastery (thoughts/supportive behavioural actions, confidence building)

  • Self-Efficacy (cultivating belief in yourself and situation you desire) 

  • Energy (identifying stressors/ stress, stress reduction techniques, and emotional management) 

  • Pre & Post Performance Routines (preparation and execution) 

  • Mental Prep Tools (maximize your mindset skills through various cognitive and behavioural tools)

  • Holistic Health (basic holistic lifestyle tools)