Paige Zaporzan is a performance coach on a mission to empower overall human performance in training the mind-body skills needed to maximize human potential. Paige specializes in mindset and holistic health, working in an integrative approach to implement the most effective, efficient, and positive behavioural actions. 

Paige holds her Bachelor in Psychology (B.A. Psych), Holistic Health Coaching Certificate (CHHC), and currently in completion of her Masters in Counselling Psychology (MACP). She is passionate about all things mind-body, overall human performance, and continues to further her education in all aspects of human wellbeing and performance. Paige is currently working as a mental prep coach for Sport Manitoba, and health and wellness advisor for Red River Coop. 

About Me

Welcome! My name is Paige Zaporzan, I am a performance coach, daughter, friend, and colleague. My family, friends, spending time in nature, traveling/exploring (high fives to exploring culture and this beautiful world!), time at my cabin, matcha oat milk lattes (seriously my fav), coffee, living a healthy and active life, my dog Chloe (my furry cuddle buddy), and optimizing human performance are some of the most important and passionate things in my life. 

Growing up, I had the opportunity to compete in a variety of sports, and have always had a strong passion working with athletes in the mental and emotional side of high performance. In addition, helping others manage stress and combat anxiety (whether its on or off the field- at school, work, day to day life, etc) are areas of performance in which I specialize in. I can personally relate to day to day stressors and dealing with various stress responses, managing these stress reactions before burnout and exhaustion hits. 

I hold my Bachelors in Psychology, Holistic Health Coaching Certificate, and currently in the midst of furthering my Masters in Counselling Psychology. 

I specialize in mindset and integrative well being, working in a complete holistic approach to implement the most effective, efficient, and positive behavioural strategies in training the mind-body skills needed to thrive in your most authentic optimal self, essentially being in the driver seat of your life and daily performance.  

My mission is to empower, inspire, and ignite positive and healthy change within so you can truly live in your most authentic optimal performing self, and create daily inspired action to live your most kick ass vision.  

Through my passion for all things mindset, health, travel, adventure, and living an optimal life, I hope to inspire you to follow your own path and journey to wherever that leads. I want to help guide you to your most true authentic self, thrive in optimal levels of high performance, try new things, and dare you to do things differently. 



Thank you for being here on this amazing journey of optimal self, performance,  and life :)